Privacy Statement

Authors of published research papers and the editorial board of the Journal must ensure high quality of scientific research at all stages of its implementation – from an idea to results publication. Authors of published research papers must respect and comply with copyright law legislation regulations, refer to information sources when borrowing ideas, statements, research results, etc.; authors are obliged to be aware of the possibility of liability for an admittedly low quality scientific paper, illegal borrowing (plagiarism) – the use of scientific results of others without their permission and without reference to relevant sources, as well as for other copyright infringements.

While quoting materials from the Journal, reference to the Journal is obligatory. Reproduction and reprint of materials are possible only in agreement with the Editorial Board.

The Editorial Board of the Journal guarantees confidentiality of the process of interaction with authors, in particular, does not publish reviewers’ negative conclusions on scientific articles and the results of their verification regarding authenticity and originality of a text (anti-plagiarism).